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At Pilates Strong Studio, we strive to provide you with the best Pilates experience. We believe that Pilates is an effective, holistic approach to physical and mental wellbeing.  Our goal is to make it accessible to everyone.

Our classes are designed to provide our clients with a total body workout in just 45 minutes. We focus on improving strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance with every workout. With our expertise and enthusiasm, we are sure to provide you with the workout you’ve been looking for.

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3 months
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       Pilates Reformer Classes:  All Levels 

       Jump-board: Intermediate level - Get your Cardio on!

       Pilates Stretch and Restore:  Lengthen, stretch and restore your muscles with slow                 movements focusing on 

       Pilates & Weights:  Use of light weights during Pilates for strength building and                     Osteoporosis.              

R E V I E W S 

Pilates strengthens your core:  Back and abdominals by incorporating resistant training with proper form and breath. 

This in turn will help your posture and wellbeing.

Pilates focuses on lengthening the body and moving in all planes, therefore alleviating symptoms associated with back pain and mobility.

Increase your range of motion and joint health with the feedback of the equipment and the proper form, this in turn will  increase flexibility, athletic performance and quality of life.

Improve self awareness, improve balance and increases flexibility, therefore reducing possibility of injury

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