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Our studio just got a face lift and is now more open and bright to inspire you to focus on self awareness practice.  We have dedicated Private area for our one on one client's privacy and concentration.  We thrive on providing a calm and uplifting space for you.  Come join us and see for yourself.

Nancy Matos

Certified Pilates Instructor,  Owner



After 20+ years in the Telecom Industry, I became a Pilates Instructor to share my passion for movement, manage stress and improve my running,     My mission is to give everyone a positive movement experience that will improve your quality of life.    The Pilates Method challenges us to move our bodies in all planes to maintain healthy spine and posture.  


 Pilates is a full body workout and we will explore  and improve your self awareness, your postural conditioning, creating long lean muscles, toning and increasing strength and flexibility.  


PMA Certified 

Polestar Pilates Certified

TRX Training Certified

Barre Above Certified

Reiki Level I

FIU Bachelors in Business Administration


Aliette Wolf

Certified Pilates Instructor - Pilates in the Grove 

Aliette Wolf, better known as “Ali”, has a passion for wellness and movement. Born and raised in Miami, she appreciates diversity, culture, fitness and balance.


Ali began to practice yoga and Pilates in her late teens and discovered the importance of discipline and respect. Encouraged by her progress, Aliette wanted to share her practice with others. She blended all of her favorite elements from different exercises and found her own style, much like Miami!

She earned her certification with the renowned studio: Pilates in the Grove. After a two year program focusing on mat Pilates, Ali added the Reformer, Cadillac, chair, trapeze table and spine corrector. Ali completed 600 hours of teacher training and self-practice.


Ali’s knowledge and passion makes her a highly sought after instructor. Whether she is teaching a group class or a private session, Ali is known for her enthusiasm and her “butt kicking” workout!

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