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Learn to teach Pilates and become part of one of the fastest growing sectors in the fitness industry.  Our highly skilled Trainers coupled with a State of the Art online coursework, will turn you into a skilled, dynamic, creative and sought out Instructor.  You will learn anatomy, Pilates principles, pathologies, class design, body assessment, tactile and verbal cuing, voice management and Pilates as a business.  Our Comprehensive program is a blend of Classical Pilates and Contemporary Pilates, to give you the best of Joseph Pilates original work and the latest advances in movement concepts


With an increased emphasis on holistic health and wellness, more people are turning to Pilates as a form of exercise and rehabilitation.  This growing interest in Pilates represents a unique opportunity for individuals looking to become Certified Pilates instructors and establish a successful career in this field.  

As a Pilates Instructor you will have the opportunity to improve peoples quality of life, with flexible hours, great pay and great demand.   

Embark on your training today and change your life and the life of others! 

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