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Is a highly effective exercise method developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1930s called Contrology. 


This practice combines controlled movements with deep breathing technique to create a workout that strengthens both the body and the mind.  


The controlled nature of the movements requires concentration and mental focus, allowing practitioners to connect with their bodies on a deeper level.  This enhances body awareness, decreases stress , and improves overall well-being.


With consistent practice you too will soon reap the rewards of increased core strength, improved flexibility, better posture and a stronger mind-body connection.  Experience the transformative effects Pilates can have on your overall well-being.




A boutique studio in the heart of Coral Gables on Miracle Mile,  focused on small Group fitness classes and Private sessions.


Relaxed and inviting studio to encourage a consistent positive Pilates movement experience.  

Enjoy using our equipment from Balance Body; Pilates Reformers, Wunda Chair, Spine Correctors, Trapeze Cadillac and Ladder Barrel, along with accessories such as balls, weights, weighted bars, Magic Circle, yoga blocks, bands and sliders.


It is an excellent studio, the instructors are very well trained as well as very professional. 👋👋

MG - Google review

Simply the best studio in Coral Gables.

JLM Google review

Challenging in a great way.  Focused a lot on form for each individual. Loved it.

Class Pass review

Love this studio! The best instructors, they each take their time to adjust people when needed and make each class fun.

Class Pass review


Pilates strengthens your core:  Back and abdominals by incorporating resistant training with proper form and breath. 

This in turn will help your posture and wellbeing.

Pilates focuses on lengthening the body and moving in all planes, therefore alleviating symptoms associated with back pain and mobility.

Increase your range of motion and joint health with the feedback of the equipment and the proper form, this in turn will  increase flexibility, athletic performance and quality of life.

Improve self awareness, improve balance and increases flexibility, therefore reducing possibility of injury

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Pilates Strong Studio

320 Miracle Mile Suite 204, Coral Gables FL  33134


Tel:305 401-2665

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