Group Reformer Pilates Class- 50 minutes

Group reformer classes are designed for six students to allow the instructors to give personal attention and corrections during class. We strive to make a personal connection with each client.  Share with us your injuries and goals so that we can customize a class that will target your needs. 


Pilates will strengthen your core, build long lean muscles, improve flexibility, and while use breath-work to improve body awareness. Each class will challenge your strength and balance while improving functional movements and alignments.   

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Private Classes - 60min

Private classes are perfect for anyone who needs one-on-one training for injury recovery, for enhanced athletic performance, for correct alignment, for neurological rehabilitation, for post natal conditioning or simply get back in shape in a private environment. 

During a private session we discuss your goals and develop a specific program that will allow you to progress at a comfortable but steady pace. Private sessions are recommended two to three times per week.


320 Miracle Mile, Suite 204,  Coral Gables, FL 33134

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